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Term 4 2017 Newsletter

Discovery Three

Welcome back to Term 4, 2017.

Welcome back Flynn, Bella, Joshua and Leo. It's great to have you back and we look forward to hearing about all your travels. 

This term, only 9 weeks long, is going to be full on. We are starting with a bit of chemistry - looking at the effect of different solutions on metals. We will be asking for a few household products like plastic containers and 10c pieces and it will be appreciated if you could help out. 

This term we are eager to start setting up a MAKERSPACE. This is a dedicated space that it gives value to the process of tinkering, creating and exploring. In other words, its a space to “mess around” with materials to make their ideas come to life.

Dr. Seymour Papert explains that the first big idea is learning by doing. We all learn better when learning is part of doing something we find really interesting. We learn best of all when we use what we learn to make something we really want.

The second big idea is technology as building material. If you can use technology to make things you can make a lot more interesting things. And you can learn a lot more by making them. This is especially true of digital technology: computers of all sorts including the computer-controlled Lego in our Lab.

The third big idea is hard fun. We learn best and we work best if we enjoy what we are doing. But fun and enjoying doesn’t mean “easy.” The best fun is hard fun. Our sports heroes work very hard at getting better at their sports. The most successful carpenter enjoys doing carpentry. The successful businessman enjoys working hard at making deals.

To get our MAKERSPACE up and going we will be asking for 'stuff'. If you are able to supply some of the things we request, we will be most appreciative.  We will be sending out a list of things shortly.



This term we are doing tabloids in week 3, rippa rugby in week 4 and athletics in week 7. 


We visit the library once a week on Fridays. Children are able to take two books from the library to bring home. These must be renewed or returned within two weeks. If they have any outstanding books they will not be permitted to take out any new books until the books have been returned.

Upcoming events:


Tabloids                    3rd November

Year 4/5 Hui              8th November

Rippa Rugby              10th November

Athletics                    28th November

Interschool Athletics   8th December

End of year Assembly 12th December

These dates also appear on the Te Uku School calendar  -

Pare Kore:

We will continue to work alongside Zero Waste to increase the reuse, recycling and composting of our school waste. Zero Waste is a call to action that aims to end the current take, make, and dispose mentality of human society.

Seesaw - Online Portfolio:

We have noticed that some parents do not have access to their children's online learning portfolio - Seesaw. If you would like access please click on to sign up -- it takes just 30 seconds. This is available as an App as well as on a website. Those families without internet access can view their child’s portfolio online at school

Home Learning:


Children are encouraged to read everyday for about 20 - 30 minutes. Possible reading materials include novels, magazines, newspapers, internet research sites, etc.  Children have access to We have purchased this excellent programme and are using it as part of our spelling programme. We also have access to , which provides support for children with reading comprehension through questions and immediate feedback.

We have also given children access to Google Classroom where they can find activities to complete at home - only for the SUPER KEEN.



We encourage daily practice of basic facts. This can be done by playing card games, and assessing the following website: . The following website provides information on how you can support your child at home: Other highly recommended math sites are, and .

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or feedback.  We can be contacted through the school office or via email.


Anna Woolston:         

Bev Turilli:


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