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Term 3 2017 Newsletter

Discovery Three

Welcome back to Term 3, 2017.

We are very excited to welcome Anna Woolston who will be teaching in Discovery Three from 31st July. Anna will be attending parent interviews so you will have a chance to meet her then.

This term Discovery Three will continue to work with Discovery Four on Mondays doing Electives.  This is where children are given the choice of a range of activities to learn about which include art, dance, sport, coding, technology, wearable arts and movie making. 

Kapa Haka

We will be starting Kapa Haka on Mondays with Shelley Moana in preparation for the Kapa Haka Festival at the end of the term. Please encourage your child to participate. It is a very rewarding experience for all involved.

Gymnastics and Large Ball Skills

This term we will be doing gymnastics almost everyday.  Please advise children to wear something that they can move in easily rather than tight jeans etc.  When the weather is fine we will be continuing with our large balls skills. 


We visit the library once a week on Fridays. Children are able to take two books from the library to bring home. These must be renewed or returned within two weeks. If they have any outstanding books they will not be permitted to take out any new books until the books have been returned.

Upcoming events:

Parent Interviews 1st and 3rd August. Please make sure you book an appointment online.

Book Fair - 31st July to 4th August.

Inter school Speeches - 31st August

Kapa Haka festival - 21st September

Rippa Rugby - 22nd September

 These dates also appear on the Te Uku School calendar  -

Pare Kore:

We will continue to work alongside Zero Waste to increase the reuse, recycling and composting of our school waste. Zero Waste is a call to action that aims to end the current take, make, and dispose mentality of human society.

Seesaw - Online Portfolio:

We have noticed that some parents do not have access to their children's online learning portfolio - Seesaw. If you would like access please click on to sign up -- it takes just 30 seconds. THis is available as an App as well as on a website. Those families without internet access can view their child’s portfolio online at school

Home Learning:


Children are encouraged to read everyday for about 20 - 30 minutes. Possible reading materials include novels, magazines, newspapers, internet research sites, etc.  Children have access to We have purchased this excellent programme and are using it as part of our spelling programme. We also have access to , which provides support for children with reading comprehension through questions and immediate feedback.


We encourage daily practice of basic facts. This can be done by playing card games, and assessing the following website: . The following website provides information on how you can support your child at home: Other highly recommended math sites are, and .

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or feedback.  We can be contacted through the school office or via email.


Anna Woolston: (from 31st July)          

Bev Turilli:


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