Bus Timetable & Policies

Bus Timetable

All times stated are approximate and are subject to change. If you need more information please contact the school office.

Raglan Water Tower Bus (currently white with blue stripe)

Picks up Waingaro children first leaving Ruakiwi Road at 7.50am
Ranui Station 7.58am
Te Uku School 8.10 am
3891 Main Raglan Road 8.15am
Main/Wrights 8.16am
4005 Main Road 8.18am
Maungatawhiri/Main 8.20am
Water Tower 8.25am
Robertson/Main 8.26am
Raglan Hospital 8.27am
21 Lorenzen 8.30am
Bridle Creek Road 8.36am
Okete/Bridge 8.38am
224a Okete 8.40am
To Te Uku School 8.45am

From Te Uku School 2.50pm
Okete Road 2.54pm
Maungatawhiri Road 2.56pm
Greenslade Road 2.58pm
Lorenzen Bay Road 3.00pm
Cambrae/Simons 3.01pm 
Top Government Rd 3.02pm
Government/Daisy 3.04pm
Lily Street 3.05pm
Puriri St/Wallis 3.07pm
James/Wallis 3.08pm
Child Care Centre 3.10pm
Water Tower 3.12pm
Raglan Area School 3.15pm
Te Uku School 3.25pm
Ruakiwi Road 3.50pm    

Raglan West Bus (currently cream with blue stripe)

Marine Parade 8.18am
Raglan West Store 8.20am
Wainui/Stewart Street 8.22am
Raglan Library 8.24am
James/Park Street 8.26am
Wallis/Puriri 8.27am
Government/Lily 8.29am
Government/Daisy 8.31am
To Te Uku School 8.40am

From Te Uku School 2.50pm
Wrights Road 2.54pm
4005 Raglan Road 2.56pm
Bankart Street 3.01pm
Helen Place 3.03pm 
Marine Parade 3.06pm
Raglan West Store 3.09pm 

 Waitetuna Bus

Totara Grove 7.55am
To Te Uku School 8.15am
From Te Uku School 3.30pm
Totara Grove 3.40pm 




Bus Fees & Payment Policy

Bus Fees

Bus Fee for Waitetuna Bus: $50.00 per term

Bus Fees for Raglan West & Water Tower Buses:

First Child: $150.00 per term $1.50 per trip 
$600.00 per year

Second Child: $100.00 per term $1.00 per trip 
$400.00 per year

Third Child + No Charge 

Bus Fees for Single Journey for Raglan and Waitetuna (only when casual use of the buses is available): $ 2.00

Bus Payments

Bus fees need to be paid in the first week of each term. We keep a list of those children eligible to use the bus (that is, bus fee has been paid). Please enquire at the Office if you would like to pay by Automatic Payment. Children doing one off trips will need to purchase a white ticket. Please inform the Office before 2:30PM of any changes to bus arrangements for your child/ren for that day. 

IMPORTANT Information re Children Travelling by Bus
Teachers on Bus Duty work strictly to the Bus Lists each day. The Bus Lists show the ‘permanent’ arrangement families have in place for their child/ren. If you want to make a change to your ‘permanent’ arrangement, please ring the Office to formalise the change. If you pick your child/ren up early, please report in at the Office so that we are not looking for your child/ren at bus time.

You can make a change to a ‘permanent’ arrangement on any day as long as you contact the Office before 2:30PM of that day. In the event of a change being made on any given day, Tina will write a note on the Bus List so that the teacher on duty is made aware of that change. Please note that unless we hear from you, we will always follow the ‘permanent’ arrangement that has been put in place. Children are not authorised to make changes to their bus arrangements


Bus Behaviour Code of Conduct

Loading onto the bus
Wait at the designated place – well back from the road
Wait until the bus has stopped
Walk in single file – younger students go first
Be patient – no pushing
Carry your backpack (if worn it can catch in the door)
Find a seat and sit down straight away – juniors at the front, middle school in the middle, seniors towards the back
Put your bag and anything else you are carrying on your lap or under the seat in front of you

Behaviour on the bus
Once seated, remain seated
Seated passengers put bag under seat or on knee
Keep behind the driver at all times
Keep voices low so the driver can concentrate
Keep still so the driver is not distracted
No eating or drinking on the bus
Keep inside of the bus clean and damage free
No shouting or gesturing out of the windows

Leaving the bus
Get out the front door of the bus unless it is not practical to do so
Carry your backpack (if worn, it can catch in the door)
Step down carefully – no pushing
Wait on the grass verge well back from the road until the bus has gone and you can see clearly
Always use the kerb drill before crossing
Cross the road where you have been told to cross

Role of the senior Bus Seater
Assist with the lining up of students
First on the bus to assist with seating of students
Bus Seaters will give one reminder to any students ‘breaking’ the Bus Code of Conduct; if the student does not comply, the Bus Seater will be refer them to the Deputy Principal or Principal immediately
If a student repeatedly breaks the Bus Code of Conduct, this student may have access to the bus removed for a period of time (in the event of this happening, the school will contact the parents concerned)