2019 Schedule: 

Term 2, Week 3 - Student Led Conferences
Term 3, Week 2 - Parent / Teacher / Student Interviews
Term 4, Week 8 - Written Reports include a Learning Summary Report and the Reflective Journal

We will make arrangements for new families enrolling in our school (at any level) to meet with their child/ren’s teacher to discuss learning expectations for the year.

Parents can request interviews throughout the year by contacting teachers directly at the school. We welcome parent requests to meet and discuss their children’s learning progress.

Learning Journal:

Every child has a Learning Journal in which they will reflect on their learning progress, set goals and celebrate  special ’aha’ moments in their learning.  Through the use of a learning journal children are taught skills of reflection, self-assessment and goal setting.  This helps them become more articulate about their own learning.     

Progress and Achievement Folder:

Every child will have a Progress and Achievement Folder in which learning progress will be tracked across all learning areas of the NZ Curriculum.  It will  include ‘progressions’ for learning  across all year levels.  This will show families the learning progress of their child over time.     

Teacher Assessment Practices

Teachers use a range of sources to make an over-all ‘teacher judgement' about your child’s achievement.  These include: observations, interviews with children, comparing child’s learning example with an exemplar and formal testing.